The Creative Heart


A Magical Sound Bath

Let Sound Ignite your Mind, Body and Spirit

Come alive in a Magical Sound Bath.

Candle light, Essential oils, Healing energy, Crystals, Geometry and the power of SOUND in many forms.

Allow yourself to become a receiver of sound.

Things you may experience:

Explore how sound effects your Mind Body and Spirit in sacred space.

You may feel changes in temperature and tingles as your body integrates the healing vibrations.

Cellular Regeneration.

Assist in releasing stress, anxiety and depression.

DNA repair.


The mind, body, spirit often want to move in the direction of balance.  We often are too busy to make time to stop and nurture ourselves, which can prevent us from finding harmony in our everyday lives.

Sound has a way of getting us to the source of our inner peace and what we desire.

This magical sound bath can be experienced as a one one private session, at a time that suits you, with either Paris or Lyn.

Cost $90 for 1hr or $130 for 1.5hrs.

Discount applies for groups.