The Creative Heart


Equinox Angelic Sound Session

Celebrate the March Equinox by taking a journey with the Archangels.
The Equinox symbolises an equal length of day and night as we then head into shorter days. A time to honor your journey thus far as you reflect, rebalance and recalibrate.
Through group meditation and sound frequencies you will anchor yourself within the earths crystalline matrix. Then to create balance, connect through your higher chakras and soul star chakra to your eternal self that holds no bounds.

This journey will be supported by Essence of angels drops and sprays. The vibrational sound healing frequencies of crystal bowls and ancient solfeggio tuning pipes, aura-soma colour therapy and the celestial energies of the March equinox.

This evening is all about bringing stillness, harmony, balance, boundlessness and the eternal self.
Each attendee will receive an essence of angels bottle containing Archangel Azrael and Archangel Raziel. To ground heaven on earth.

Tuesday 20th March, 7pm till 8.30pm.
Location: Seven Hills
Cost : $44 Price Includes a bottle of angel essences.