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There are many forms of meditation at The Creative Heart. One of our greatest passions is taking people on a journey within so you can discover more of you.

We have found over the years that when a group of people gather, and we allow the mediation to be intuitively guided from our inner being,

the mediation perfectly reflects the groups awareness, thus creating a perfect space for us all to grow,

discover and remember our own personal truths.

 We may be guided to relax and clear our energy, letting go and letting more of our true selves to shine or

we may be inspired to explore our thoughts and perceptions on certain subjects of interest to the group.

We do enjoy using various energy & oracle cards to open us up to deeper awareness that may be valuable for your growth.

We also enjoy enhancing the mediation by inviting your guides, guardians and highest vibrational healers that love you unconditionally to join us. Intuitively we may add essential oils, crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning pipes, colour, candles, crystals and sacred geometry to deepen your experience.


Paris and Lyn would like to ensure you that our priority is creating an energetically safe, perfect place for you to relax and enjoy the journey.

Paris and Lyn have been running meditation for many years and are both certified meditation facilitators.

Please feel welcome to join us.

Regular or drop in. Cost per session is $20 payable to the facilitator.

If you would like an individual guided meditation session just for you or maybe your own group we can arrange something to suit you.

Please call Paris or Lyn to find out about a class or session that suits you.


Please continue to scroll down for our current meditation classes.

Meditation and Exercises to Awaken Your Heart & Soul Energy With Lyn

Wednesday Nights

To begin we will share insights and teachings that may have surfaced during the week, you will have an opportunity to ask questions or share a recent experience so we may all have an opportunity to grow, or we may practice an exercise to enhance your intuition. Then we will gather in a circle, you are invite to sit in chairs or lay on the floor, your welcome to bring a cushion or use ours. Lyn will invite the Archangels through columns of light to hold and anchor the energy of unconditional love so we may completely relax and enjoy.  Lyn will then receive channeled messages and visions from her Guides, Masters and Angels.  

Each meditation is a unique reflection of what your soul is calling forth for you to explore, you may receive healing, ancient wisdom and teachings, messages from your guides or you may start to remember who you truly are,  A SOUL.

After your journey you have a chance to express how you are feeling,  if you feel comfortable, or you may just take some time to process the energies. Now that you are open and highly receptive, we take some time to practice using your individual gifts and talents such as healing and intuitive reading for others.

If you feel in your heart this is the group for you, you  are very welcome to come along.

Wednesday Nights 7pm to 9.00pm,  Cost $20  (Payment can be made on attendance)
New location: Ground floor 29-31 solent crescent, Baulkham hills.
I have been attending Lyn's meditation classes on a Weds night for over two years, but consistently for over a year. I make it a priority to attend every week for several reasons. If I've had a stressful day or week then afterwards I find its transformed me into a relaxed and happy person again. There are many benefits to Lyn's classes. During meditation we often journey to foreign lands and other time zones, we go to places where we can create wonderful experiences for ourselves. We often meet other wonderful beings, and always our energy is better after a session. As an added bonus we might read oracle cards for ourselves and others, or practice healing modalities within our group. There are no limits - just wonderful, positive experiences. RW

Monthly waters edge meditation with Lyn      Postponed

The central coast, St huberts I, swill be offering meditation on the last Friday of the month by the ocean.
10.30am to 12noon – Your time to shine calm relax and restore your energy $20 (limited to 10 people) $170 for the year saving $30

Relax & Rejuvenate, Nature Meditation & Gathering At Rouse Hill Regional Park.

Re-starts Thursday 8th February 2018, 9.30am till 10.30am.

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