The Creative Heart


Healers Gathering & Practice

As a healer my highest hope is for you to be aligned with and working from a space aligned with your soul. Where you can be unlimited in your most powerful and Divine potential. These gatherings are a space for you to be nurtured and supported into a space of soul alignment.

Each gathering will be overseen by Paris (Reiki and Seichim Master), who will be working along side an Ascended Master or Archangel. (This will be announced closer to the date).

The evening will begin with a discussion and a channeled meditation or exercise. Each gathering will be different and will be in alignment with what the group is needing to help you step more powerfully into your unique soul space. The evening will also be about encouraging you to embrace all the unique healing aspects of yourself and being unlimited in your healing abilities. 

You will also have time to ask any questions you may have, to practice your healing on others and to connect with fellow like-minded healers. We are a community that works together and learn for each other.

Be supported, uplifted and inspired in a nurturing and loving environment.

Take time to allow your healing to evolve and grow.

Open to all Reiki and Seichim initiates.

Date: Tuesday 28th November

Cost $30.

Thank you Paris for another lovely evening last week, where you supported me by hosting one of your regular practice evenings. The meditation you started the evening with was beautiful, the practice session was great and thank you also for your valuable feedback at the end. It was a wonderful experience. Yvette 2017