The Creative Heart


Healing and Nurturing Retreat

I would like to invite you to a 5 day healing and nurturing retreat.  

Each day you will experience an Attunement, Meditation, training and healing to grow into a masterful healer.

You may use these five days as a

Personal transformational journey or you can launch yourself  into a new

Career as a wellness practitioner.

At the end of the 5 days you will have completed

Reiki level one

Reiki Level two

Reiki Master

Seichim level one

Seichim Master

Each level of training you will receive a manual, practice and certificate.

This is designed to be a beautiful experience where you can share and express in a safe a sacred space, being supported energetically to explore your gifts and abilities.

Each attunement will gently reawaken and clear your central channel so energy can move more freely within your mind, body and spirit.

Every level is a support for the next, and as you complete your Reiki Master level, your encouraged to make a much deeper connection with your higher self.

The Seichim aspect of your journey  assists you to open your heart to embrace your soul self.

I have taught many classes over the past 20 years and I find one of my strengths is that I am able to channel energy, and bring forth that which resonates vibrationally with those who have gathered. 

Every workshop is unique and reflects the group energy, so if you have already completed some of these workshops I ensure you that you will receive the highest potential of energy that you are ready to receive. The attunements are powerful opportunities to unlock codes, keys and memories to enhance your confidence in yourself and your abilities. There is always more to explore and experience.

I will also share with you tools and information that I have found to inspire and uplift myself and my clients. You will have opportunities to ask questions and converse with like minded souls.

My aim is for you to embody more  peace, love and joy, connecting  to your own powerful higher guidance, intuition and strength. You will learn to hear beyond words and see with deeper perception, this will occur naturally as your vibration increases.

My Clear intention is that you will feel supported, relaxed and enjoy working with energy.

If you feel in your heart a desire to join me, please contact Lyn on 0403027732

    Central Coast Retreat: Date 13th to 17th Nov, 10am to 3pm.

Cost $1444.  (early bird $1333 before 13th Oct)

Deposit  $500 to ensure your place

Limited to 10 people.

Meals and accommodation is not included

Snacks, tea and coffee included.

Deposit $500
Early-bird balance $833
Balance- Not early-bird $944
Central Coast location.