The Creative Heart


See You In The Light

You are invited to this special event which has been designed to ignite the light that is within you.
You will experience two unique energy sessions with two passionate and experienced energy practitioners.

Energy is all encompassing, it flows through each one of us, all around and within everything.
When energy is ignited and free flowing in a positive way this has affects that surpass just physical well-being, it affects all avenues of your life. Relationships with others and yourself, emotional and mental well-being, which in turn then reflects into your outer world.

During this special event you will be nurtured, uplifted and transformed.
Our aim is for you to feel relaxed, safe, nurtured and peaceful. Also to ignite within a true sense of inner calm, knowing, direction, connectedness and self-confidence.

This is a wonderful opportunity for those that have never been introduced to energy work before and for those who have never experienced The Creative Heart before.
So we invite you to light up your life.

For the special price of $77 you will experience a 1/2hr Intuitive Reading with Lyn and a 1/2hr Energy Healing with Paris.
Plus receive a special energetic gift to take home.
Bookings essential.
Date: TBA