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Our shop full of spiritual goodies is open when you attend any of our courses or workshops.

Gift vouchers
The perfect gift for a loved one, knowledge, experience, growth and fun.
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 Angel/crystal essence sprays  $15 each
To hold and maintain your light, in harsh environments isn’t easy, so we have been guided by the Angels to supply sprays to enhance your light. We can make up sprays for individual needs.
They contain essential oils, aura-soma, The liquid crystals, crystals, colour therapy, essence of angels drops and are blessed in Geometric Light, Sound and Healing Circles.                                           
The Australian Bush Flower combination essences. $15 each
Each combination bottle addresses a specific theme.
Combination bottles available at are:
Abundance, calm & Clear, meditation, emergency, confidence, purifying, adol, dynamis, past life, intuition, integrate, transition, creative & Woman.
For more information please see our bush flower essences page

Crystal Singing Bowls
We are able to supply you with a wonderful range of Crystal Singing bowls, hand held practitioner bowls and crystal singing bowl cases to carry crystals safely!
The bowls come in many different sizes, colours and tones.
Crystal singing bowls are a  favorite of ours for sound Healing/Meditation work. Listening to them, just being in their presence while they're being played, is like hearing the song of crystals. If you've ever held a piece of quartz in your hand, you know what their vibration feels like,and  how strong it can be. The vibration of a crystal singing bowl's being played is  even stronger. The only way to describe it is magical. You can actually feel the vibration of it carrying into your body, into your bones, and your cell structure. After just a few minutes of hearing them you relax, stress melts away and healing begins.
We have an assortment of beautiful crystals, tumbles, chakra kits, pendulums, geometry sets, Cd's,
new & pre-loved books,  jewelery & oracle decks.