The Creative Heart


12:12 Nurturing Sound Healing

Let's celebrate and be grateful for the year that's been. Appreciate the lessons learnt and experiences we've had. Whilst also making room for new opportunities and energies to come to you.

Allow your body and mind to release, let go, breathe and sink into relaxation.
While your soul is nurtured and energy expanded. We will bring in energies of light, healing, expansion and ascension from the higher realms.

This experience will be one for the mind, body and soul. As we embrace the high energies of the day (12:12), the coming of summer solstice, Christmas and the new year.

During this busy time of the year it's even more important to take this time for yourself, to re-set, balance, reflect, prepare for whats next and be nurtured and held with the energy of unconditional love.
As a group we will sit in meditation and be bathed in the healing and inspiring frequencies of sound, through crystal bowls, solfeggio tuning pipes, tuning forks and ancient mantras.

All attendee's will receive a vibrational essence bottle that will support and nurture them during the following weeks. (Valued at $15)

Spaces are limited and bookings are essential.

Date: Wednesday the 12th of December.
Time: 10.30am till 12 noon.
Cost: $36.
Location: Rouse Hill