The Creative Heart


A Path to Reiki Mastery

Reiki is a universal gift that benefits not only you, the initiate, but all those around you.
Join Paris on this path to YOUR Reiki Mastery
Become attuned to levels 1, 2 and Master of Usui Reiki.
Be supported each step of your journey.
Learn in a positive, relaxed and fun environment.
And most importantly learn Reiki from the heart.

So that classes stay intimate and there are lots of time for questions and discussions, this is limited to 4 beautiful souls, who are ready to embrace Reiki and all it's wonder.

Each level includes a workshop, attunement, comprehensive manual, certificate and follow-up support.

Level 1- Sunday 24th June, 10am till 3pm.
Level 2- Sunday 29th July, 10am till 3pm.
Master Level - Sunday 26th August, 10am till 3pm.
Location: Seven Hills
Cost: A total of $700 for all 3 levels (A saving of $100)
$100 deposit is needed to secure your place
$200 is payable on completion of each level.

For more information on each of the individual Reiki levels click here.

Additional options to help you on your path:
1. Experience a 1hr Pineal Gland activation for the special price of $100 (Normally $144). This activation enhances your clarity, intuition & inner knowing. It also assists you in holding and anchoring more light within your cells.
2. Experience a Pineal Gland activation plus learn how to perform the activation on others, 2hr session. Special price of $155 (Normally $222)
Please click here to learn more about the Pineal gland activation.
3. Have a 1.5hr Reiki healing session with Paris for $100 (Normally $130). This is a wonderful way to experience Reiki energy for yourself before you become attuned. Also a wonderful way to support your journey to Reiki Mastery.

A Path to Reiki Mastery deposit- $100
Reiki level payment- $200
It was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done in my life!
I feel that I have evolved over the last 3 months, so much that my loved ones are commenting on how different and at peace I seem.
Paris is an amazingly inspirational human being who guided me with so much love and light. It has been a pleasure and a delight sharing this deeply spiritual and soulful journey with her.
The Path to Reiki Mastery has honestly changed my life and because it is an intensive course, your light stays bright and the passion alive.
Even if you are not interested in using Reiki professionally, it is a transformative experience of personal development and will change your life! Everyone should do this course and the world would be a different place.
I cannot recommend it highly enough.
With all that I am, Thank you.
Mel April 2018.