The Creative Heart

Awaken the Angels within-

Angelic Activations

Our in person activations are currently on hold. Please see below for information on our distance activations.

Your guides, angels and masters are ascended parts of your eternal being

that assists you to become who you already are!


This workshop is about understanding your divine soul connection with angels.

Feeling, knowing, seeing and experiencing angelic healing and messages.

You will receive a Seraphim healing blessing and 4 angelic activations.

Michael = Divine safety and security

Raphael = Divine Healing

Uriel = Divine Wisdom

Chamuel = Divine Love

Learn how to connect deeply with loved ones, Angels and our beloved universe.

This workshop is guided and blessed by angels, they want you to know more about your divine abilities that live within your angelic nature.

You are evolving and so to is our connection to the angels.

Group workshop

Date: Saturday 6th June 2020

9am to 1pm Norwest $222

4 activations- Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Chamuel

Plus Seraphim Healing

One on one session just for you.

This session is perfect for beginners or advanced soul.You will experience the angels energy, messages and receive recordings to continue to work with after your session, this can be an evening or day session, it will take 4hrs at a cost of $444

One on one activation for Individual Angels

including the Seraphim Blessing

Michael $111

Raphael $111

Uriel $111

Chamuel $111

Each session runs for 1hour


I draw upon my vast reservoir of inner strength to keep moving me forward

I have faith that all will fall into divine order for my greatest benefit

I seek from within all I will ever need or require to reach my highest potenial

I am divine, I am love, I am light, I am wisdom, I am empowered I am that I am

Connect with soul light and increase your intuitive abilities

Locations: Seven hills, Norwest, Central Coast or Greystanes.

To book call Lyn on 0403027732