The Creative Heart


Celebration of Spring-

Ceremony and Sound Meditation

The energy of Spring is all about growth, renewal, abundance, joy, creative expression, light and warmth.
Join Paris in the park for a celebration of Spring. Sit with your bare-feet connecting to the earth, surrounded by beautiful trees and singing birds.
Together we will create a ceremony to honour not only Mother Nature but ourselves. Calling in the elements and creating a powerful crystal grid to welcome the nature spirits and anchor all we wish to creatively manifest.
Followed by a nurturing crystal bowl, guided, sound mediation, to expand our consciousness and our hearts and fill ourselves with the joy, abundance and light of the energy of Spring.

All attendees will receive a vibrational essence bottle to take home to continue working with the energies.

There is something so magical and special about meditating out in nature. I hope you can join me. Please share with your friends and loved ones.

Tuesday 3rd September 2019, 10am till 12noon.
At Rouse Hill Regional Park
Cost $35

Please bring with you:
A chair or mat to sit or lay on
An item from nature (eg. flower, crystal, shell, feather) to give as an offering.
A crystal to add to the crystal grid, activate, then take back home with you. (can be an item other than a crystal if guided to)

For more information contact Paris on 0403194941