The Creative Heart


Empowering YOU, to Love Your Life
With Lyn

Make 2018 the Year of YOU! Lyn uses a range of tools to assist you to discover more of your own authentic soul self.

As we explore, and grow we consciously decide who we are into relation to what we have experienced. We all have a divine nature that is peaceful, calm and relaxed, free from anxiety, stress and fear.

I help you to reclaim your powerful potential by helping you raise your energy and vibration so you can remember your light. The more you recognise your strengths, gifts and abilities the more relaxed and calm you become. This enables you to create a better feeling response to your life and the people in it. 

You have all you need to create the changes you would like to see in your life, I just help you become aware of that!


Every session is unique for every individual and intuitively guided  just or you,


1st session,  1.5 Hours, $130 - Unlock and Release. 

2nd session,  1 hour,  $100 - changing your perspective, building your confidence.

3rd session,  1 hour, $100  -Stepping into your more positive and Powerful self.


Three session Package $270.  Saving $60 If you book and pay at the first session.  I find it more valuable to run the sessions over a three week period but I am open to work in with your schedule.


You can pay per session.

3 session package- $270
1st session only- $130
2nd or 3rd session only- $100