The Creative Heart


Meditation\Intuitive Development

Location - Norwest,   Time - 7pm to 8.30-9pm,    Wed Nights.

This is a unique class that will help you to learn more about your energy, thoughts, feelings and assist your personal growth.

We will explore different spiritual topics, work with oracle cards, clear and awaken your body, mind and spirit.

Every class is a reflection of those gathered, so we can all grow and learn from each other.

Lyn facilitates this class, over 20 years’ experience is running meditation, hypnotherapist, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Healer.

  TERM 4

10th OCTOBER   12th DECEMBER  7pp to 9pm

10 weeks cost $20 per week or $180 start term one and have a free session

 or $20 per week  Wednesday nights

Week one 

Guest speaker Joanne Marree Author, teacher, medium and healer

We will have a sneak peek into the story of Joanne Marree, her book and her magical guidance

Followed by a group meditation

Week 2


 balance, align and clear your energy         step into your souls light

Clear negative attachments with Archangel Michael  and net of light

Week 3

Create – a deeper connection with crystals

Awakening     cleansing      grids      healing

Week 4

Over coming challenges     letting go via energy healing/ soul healing

Unbind your wings to fly

Week 5

Moving forward

Meditation to support your confidence, growth and belief in self

You will be given a recording to continue to reprogram negative beliefs

Week 6

Divine love

Learning to love yourself unconditionally     connect to your higher self   and soul self

Week 7

Magic       7 laws of creations      Alchemy    meditation with Merlin to unlock your inner magician

Week 8

Abundant   living   

Release challenges and unbind yourself from struggle, higher guidance enquiry exercise

Meditation to support your creative, physical, mental and emotional growth

Week 9

Soul work

Numbers, your name, your date of birth your personal year and your home


Week 10

  Invite the angels into your life, ascended asters and your guides to create and open new pathways for learning and personal growth

Thursday morning session 10 weeks cost $180 no weekly payments available

Location:  Ground floor 29-31 solent crescent, Baulkham hills.

Payments can be made on the evening. (Sorry no eftpos available)

If you would like an individual guided meditation session just for you or maybe your own group we can arrange something to suit you.

Please call Paris or Lyn to find out about a class or session that suits you.

I have been attending Lyn's meditation classes on a Weds night for over two years, but consistently for over a year. I make it a priority to attend every week for several reasons. If I've had a stressful day or week then afterwards I find its transformed me into a relaxed and happy person again. There are many benefits to Lyn's classes. During meditation we often journey to foreign lands and other time zones, we go to places where we can create wonderful experiences for ourselves. We often meet other wonderful beings, and always our energy is better after a session. As an added bonus we might read oracle cards for ourselves and others, or practice healing modalities within our group. There are no limits - just wonderful, positive experiences. RW