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Shine your light Healers Circle

This healers circle is open to all Reiki & Seichim initiates.

This is a special time once a month that you can dedicate to your healing gifts.

A time for you to practice what you have learnt, ask questions, share your experiences with others, receive feedback and grow your confidence.

This will be a space of non-judgement, support and nurturing of your unique talents and gifts.

It is also a chance for you to connect with like-minded souls, have a cuppa and a laugh.

The afternoons will start with a short meditation or exercise, group sharing and questions. Then you will have an opportunity to pair off with another initiate to practice your healing on each other.


Level of initiation, level of practice & personal level of confidence are irrelevant in this space for we are all here to support and uplift each other.

Reiki & Seichim are such universal blessings and as initiates it is our duty to continue to grow and evolve with these energies so that we can heal ourselves and also share them with others.

Bookings essential.


Third Saturday of the month

Dates: Saturday 21st July, 18th August, 20th October & 17th November, 15th December. (No circle in September)

Time: 3pm till 4.30pm

Cost: $20

Location: Seven Hills

Thank you Paris for another lovely evening last week, where you supported me by hosting one of your regular practice evenings. The meditation you started the evening with was beautiful, the practice session was great and thank you also for your valuable feedback at the end. It was a wonderful experience. Yvette 2017