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 Healers Community Gatherings

~ Continue to grow and expand your wisdom.

~ Be inspired and uplifted.

~ Strengthen your trust and faith in your abilities.

~ Learn new techniques and enliven old ones.

~ Be a part of a meaningful community.

~ Embrace and work with all your uniqueness.

~ Develop and build upon your confidence as a healer.


Each Healers Community gathering will begin with a short meditation or practical exercise, followed by a group discussion designed to build upon, evolve and grow your healing knowledge and skills.

We will then put your skills into practice by giving and receiving a healing on one another. This is a wonderful way to receive feedback, practice in a safe, nurturing and encouraging space and it also allows you as a healer to be nurtured as you receive a healing yourself.

Questions and discussion time will be encouraged. And we will finish up with a cuppa and a chat, so that you have an opportunity to develop connections within the community.

All are welcome to this magical space of non-judgment and support.

Facilitated by Paris Luongo, Reiki and Seichim Master,  Certified meditation teacher, holistic counsellor, Essence of Angels, Crystal light healing, AromaTouch and Etheric healing practitioner.

Important information regarding our March gathering.
My first priority is the health and safety of yourself and your families.
But I also feel that now more than ever we all need community.
So next Saturday the 28th March, 2.30pm till 4.30pm, The healers community gathering will be held at Rouse Hill Regional park. Under a shelter pavilion area.
We can gather,  meditate together, share and support. Then as we pair off we can maintain social distancing by practicing our distance healing techniques.
This way we still get to connect and come together as a community, but no one is making physical contact with anything but their own belongings.
If you would like to come please confirm via text (0403194941) and I will give you the address,  what to bring and also my bank details so we are not exchanging cash.
Blessings Paris

Bookings are essential.
Gatherings are approx every 6wks.
Dates: Saturday 15th February, 28th March, 9th May, 20th June, 1st August, 12th September, 24th October & 12th December 2020
Time: 2.30pm till 4.30pm.
Cost : $25
Special: Pay for your year upfront (8 gatherings) and save $30. Pay only $170. To be paid at or before the first gathering on the 15th Feb.
Location: Rouse Hill (address given upon booking)

Contact Paris on 0403 194 941 for more details or to book.
Pay $25 here for 1 gathering.

Thank you for wonderful healer community gatherings. It has really helped me to connect back to that side of myself. A side that I often neglect. I always look forward to them, to meeting new people, learning new things and being healed.
Everyone is so relaxed and encouraging, especially if you are unsure of your own ability to heal.
 Leanne Allen 2019.

Thank you for hosting such a special gathering. What a great initiative and we are blessed to be in such a nurtured community. RV, 2019.