The Creative Heart


Introduction to Meditation

 with Paris.

Meditation is very simple, but we tend to over-think things and make them more complicated than they really are. If you would like to start meditating, whether it be in a class or by yourself at home, or have tried before but struggled, then this workshop is perfect for you.

Meditation provides you with a space to be still, relax the body and free the mind. This allows the body to rest and heal, allows the mind to reflect, gain clarity and understanding. Plus allows the heart to feel and experience it's dreams and aspirations. It's a time for your mind, body and soul to 'unplug'.

The aim of this workshop is to cut through any confusion you may have surrounding meditation. Learn about why you personally will benefit from meditation, techniques to get you started, what you should expect at the start and benefits of regular practice. How to incorporate meditation into your daily or weekly routine. 

This workshop can be experienced as a one on one session with Paris, at a time that suits you.
Cost $180 for 2hrs.
(Discount applies for groups).

Through attending meditation classes on a regular basis I have learnt to find a peace of mind and soul that i never thought was attainable,this has made a huge impact on my health and well being and I feel so much happiness in knowing that no matter what my day or week brings, that through meditation I can lose myself but at the same time discover so much more about myself and this amazing cosmos we live in.
Thank you so much Paris for teaching me to visualize and experience these beautiful soul discovering journeys. SP. xx


Meditation classes have taught me techniques and also given me information on how easy it is to practice at home, even if time is limited. Meditation gives me a feeling of control in my life and leaves me peaceful and focused.  I look forward to every class as the people are generous with their love and support. Wendy.


I Initially attended the meditation class as part of my self-care regime and have since discovered it to be an invaluable experience of self-discovery within a supportive, fun and friendly environment. Rowan.