The Creative Heart


Loving Vibrational Essences
with Paris

Vibrational essence's are a form of vibrational medicine, they contain the life force or energy imprint of a particular flower, tree, crystal or mineral. They can also hold beautiful pure channeled frequencies. Essences are a deeply profound way of connecting with the natural world and the spiritual world.
They can be used to bring balance into all aspects of your life, ranging from physical symptoms to emotional issues. They can help to release old patterning, habits, behaviors, mental repetition, and deeply held beliefs that are no longer helpful. They are great for clearing a space and lifting mood and vibration. Although they work on an energetic level, they may also have physical effects.

This interactive workshop is your key to understanding what vibrational essences are and how to best work with them for your own personal growth, healing and development.
Through a guided meditation you will re-connect and integrate the alchemist aspect of yourself.
Using crystal essences, flower essences and angel essences you will be guided through the process of making your very own mother tincture bottle, stock bottle, dosage bottle and aura/room spray bottle. All of which you get to take home with you.
These vibrational essences hold the wisdom, healing, alchemy and energy of the mineral and plant kingdoms and the angelic realm. Together we will create a sacred space to allow these realms to work with us through ceremony as you create your essence bottles.

Please bring with you:
A bowl or dish made from crystal (Please let Paris know if you are able to bring one).
Your favorite aromatherapy oil (optional) 
Your favorite crystal (must be able to sit in water safely).

Morning tea provided.

2019 dates will be posted soon.
Cost: $88.

Location:  Rouse Hill

If you would like to know more please call Paris on 0403194941 or email [email protected]
If you are unable to make it on these dates please note that this workshop is also available as a one on one. We can pick a date that suits you. Course content will be covered with parts tailored to suit your individual needs. Cost for one on one is $180 for 2hrs.
Or you may like to do it with friends or family. (Price dependent upon number of people).
It was a fantastic course making some beautiful vibrational essences that were really unique to each of us. I can't wait to start using them to see the effects. I can highly recommend this course to anyone who is drawn to working with vibrational essences. Paris makes the process so easy to understand. Thanks again Paris! xx.
Sarah,  June 2016

I've recently done the vibrational essences workshop with Paris - it was such a wonderful day to be surrounded by like-minded people, beautiful energy, incredible meditations and I learned so much! I highly recommend.
Alice, May 2018.