The Creative Heart


Loving Vibrational Essences
with Paris

Learn how to make your very own essences,
Get creative,
Become the alchemist,
Connect to nature,
Experience the Archangels,
Listen to your crystals,
Tap into the unseen world,
Create your own healing tools,
Make loving gifts for others.

During this workshop you will:
Learn all about essences, what they do, how to use them and what forms they come in.
Experience a guided meditation to re-connect and integrate the alchemist aspect of yourself.
Create a sacred space to birth your essence bottles.
Learn step by step the process for making essences.
Using crystals, flower essences, angel essences, aura-soma colour therapy and essential oils, you will be guided through the process of making your very own mother tincture bottle, stock bottle, dosage bottle and aura/room spray bottle.
Receive notes to take home.

Please bring with you:
A bowl or dish made from crystal (Please let Paris know if you are able to bring one).
Your favorite aromatherapy oil (optional) 
Your favorite crystal (must be able to sit in water safely).

Morning tea provided.

Thursday 7th November, 10am till 1.30pm
Cost: $88.
Location:  Rouse Hill

If you would like to know more please call Paris on 0403194941 or email [email protected]
It was a fantastic course making some beautiful vibrational essences that were really unique to each of us. I can't wait to start using them to see the effects. I can highly recommend this course to anyone who is drawn to working with vibrational essences. Paris makes the process so easy to understand. Thanks again Paris! xx.
Sarah,  June 2016

I've recently done the vibrational essences workshop with Paris - it was such a wonderful day to be surrounded by like-minded people, beautiful energy, incredible meditations and I learned so much! I highly recommend.
Alice, May 2018.

Hi Paris,
The Vibrational essence course was very informative and the energy was beautiful.
You have a great way to communicate, teach and making  it very simple.
The group was great and the connections fantastic.
And the 3 essences we made are just beautiful. 
You have inspired me to continue to make more essences..
Thanks again Miriam. August 2019