The Creative Heart


Personal Development Sessions
with Lyn

These sessions are for those wanting to explore their gifts talents and abilities.

You will gain deeper insights in regards to your:
Birthday (numerology what does your birthday hold for you)
Energy clearing tools
Your guides
Past lives
Oracle card reading
And any information spirit wishes to share with you.
Learn how to expand your souls light to enhance your abilities to communicate on all levels
break down walls and barriers to accepting you
find your inner peace

Each session is unique and guided by spirit, I will hold a space and channel the energy to support you, until you remember how to do this for yourself

First session 1 hour $100
Second session 1 hour $100
Third session 1 hour $100
or $270 for three sessions special
This is beautiful way to awaken more deeply to your inner world.
if you have an interest such as mediumship, channelling, healing I can help you expand your understanding and assist you to become more confident in working with your souls gifts.
You are powerful beyond measure, you have had many lives where you have experienced healing, philosophy, science, creativity, art, oracles, seers, wizards and so on, don't compare your self to anyone else you are perfect just the way you are!
call lyn 0403027732 for a session

1hr Personal Development Session