The Creative Heart


           Self Love, Self Healing Class with Lyn and Viv

Starting term 2     self love and self healing sessions

May 2nd, 9th 16th, 30th and 6th June 2019  cost $222

maximum 8 ladies


We will experience-

 meditations, exercises, activations, universal teachings, energetic support, and messages from spirit to awaken your heart to awaken and align to more love, joy and overall well being

The group that gathers will create portal of energy that we can explore and unravel, each of us playing a role in the healing of the whole.

I will work with masters, guides, healing and intuition to create a divine healing space where you can feel safe and relaxed

There are two kinds of self love,

 ego based love -    we depend on others beliefs and material effects to light us up   

Real self love   -      comes from within, a deep trust and love of yourself that inspires and guides you 

                                     to honour and care deeply for who you are and who you are becoming

Your subconscious mind will be reminded that you are valuable, loved and loving, over 6 weeks we will keep sharing new concepts, tools and techniques to help you to resonate with your new inspired truth and not old illusions that fuels your thoughts and actions

you will receive recorded meditations and hypnotherapy to offer extra support during your journey

if you feel you would like to come along,  book in with lyn 0403027732