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Sound Healing Meditation-
For deep relaxation & harmony.

The pure frequencies of sound has the ability to instantly take us to a time and place, bring forth memories and emotions and change our state of mind and mood. 
Therapeutic sound can by-pass the mental mind, connect directly to our cells and DNA, and has the power to instantly shift, move and transform energy. It can restore us back to our natural resonance, bring balance, harmony, deep relaxation and inner peace. Whilst also lifting us into new perspectives and allowing us to connect deep within our true selves.  It is a powerful and vital tool in our personal growth and awakening.
When you accompany this with guided meditation and strong, positive intention, great transformation, healing and deep inner stillness and peace can occur.

Join Paris for this evening of meditation combined with the sounds of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, medicine drum, solfeggio tuning pipes, tongue drum and percussion instruments. Allow yourself to be supported, lifted and nurtured.

This event is open to everyone. No meditation experience is necessary.

The added advantage of this being an online event is that once the session is finished you can go straight to bed, have a relaxing bath or stay exactly where you are and continue to relax.

Paris is a Certified meditation teacher, Reiki and Seichim Master, holistic counsellor, Essence of Angels, Crystal light healing, AromaTouch and Etheric healing practitioner. Paris is also a passionate and intuitive sound healer.

Important information:
  • This is an online zoom event. You will receive your zoom link within 24hrs of booking.
  • Bookings are essential and the earlier the better. Bookings made within a couple of hours of event start time are best made by contacting Paris directly.
  • Once the sound meditation gets started it is recommended that you lay down for this experience. Although that is optional.

To optimise your online sound experience it is recommenced that you:
  • Use headphones or earbuds,
  • That you have good internet connection,
  • In your zoom advanced audio settings you choose the option- 'enable original sound'. (I can help you with this on the night if you have any trouble)
  • Wear comfortable clothing,
  • Silence all your device notifications,
  • Find a quiet, comfortable area where you wont be disturbed.

Please share this event with loved ones.

Paris's amazing Online Sound Meditation is something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. If they are like me they will become addicted! I live 500km away and i can still enjoy the amazing relaxation in the comfort of my own home. Paris takes you to the most amazing places her sessions. I feel a sense of calm for days afterwards and like i can take on the world!
Mariee 2020
Hi Paris, the sound healing on Friday night was a great way to relax- in fact I think I fell asleep or at least went off to another reality, but came back just before the end of the session. I must have been tired as I usually love to listen to all the beautiful tones. Thank you Val.
July 2020.

Date: Friday 14th August 2020, 7pm till 8pm
New daytime session now available- Tuesday 25th August, 10am till 11am
Cost: $20
Payments can be made via PayPal by click on the buy now link below. Alternatively contact Paris for direct debit info.
Contact Paris on 0403194941 if you have any questions.
Evening session
Daytime session