The Creative Heart


Walking with Angels workshop

with Paris


A Creative Heart fundamentals workshop.
Image credits to Judy Wiese (Heart light art)

When you invite the Angels into your life you are opening yourself to a world filled with unconditional love, support, guidance and playfulness.


During this interactive workshop we will explore the realm of the Angels and Archangels. Learn how you can work with these loving beings in all aspects of your life. From healing and support to guidance and soul realisation. With the Angels the possibilities are endless.


You will be introduced through meditation to your Guardian Angel, plus be gifted with your Cloak of Angels. Learn about the Archangels, who they are and how they can assist you and which Archangels are working with you at this time.

This workshop is a wonderful introduction to the world of angels. and will be driven by the intentions of the group and the angels.


You will be able to take home an Angel essence bottle of your choice so that you can continue working with the Angel energies at home.


"When I first saw the Walking with Angels workshop I had no idea what to expect, just that I really wanted to do it. The session was so beautiful and empowering. By the end of the session I felt so connected with myself and my angels, I felt completely relaxed, like I was ready to heal the world. If you have ever been curious about Angels I would recommend giving it a go. I look forward to doing it again!" 

Leanne Allen, May 2020

This is an online event.  The zoom link along with any notes, will be emailed to you the day before and your angel essence bottle will be posted to you after the workshop or you can pick up from Rouse Hill.

Date: Friday 16th October, 6.30pm till 9pm

Cost: $60

For more information or to book contact Paris on 0403194941.

Have your own group? This workshop can be run for private groups at a time that suits you.
Contact Paris for more information 0403194941.