The Creative Heart


The magic of believing in yourself.

Free online course

Believe in yourself, easy to say not so easy to do!

This program will show you how to achieve a new level of self-confidence and self-esteem.
Learn how to ‘weed out’ the belief of not being talented enough, smart enough, or good enough. To achieve what you want in life. There is within you untapped potential, just waiting to be called out!!!

You will-
Understand how unconscious beliefs have affected you up till now and learn how to change them.
Learn about the toolbox for high self esteem.
Discover how to use affirmations and visualisations to create a path for the future you want.
Develop a stronger connecting with your inner guidance.
Understand how you can be the star of your own life, directing and writing your own script.

Starts 1st October till 10th October
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Workshop Facilitator  Vivienne Buck, is a Heal your life teacher/trainer and would like to share some inspiring work from Louise Hay with you.
You can contact her on 0416720824.

“The power is within you. It always has been. How far are you willing to expand the horizons of your thinking and stir that power awake?”

~Louise Hay