The Creative Heart


Your Way Forward
One on one session with Lyn

Would you like to feel more empowered & positive?

Do you lack motivation & feel a little lost?

Do you want to live life more joyfully?

Are you ready to make some changes?

Not sure of what direction to take?

Want to get to know yourself a little more?

Let go of the past and Live your life!

Your way Forward is a blend of tools and

Techniques that you can use to Transform and Empower your life.

Learn how to:

- Clear, balance and align your central channel

- listen and communicate with your body

- Release attachments, heal the child within. Let go of the past.

- let go of negatively charged stored emotion.

- Express through art, perfect way to explore your inner world.

- Enjoy an empowering journey filled with Guided imagery, Aromatherapy and ancient healing energy

to increase your Confidence to move forward and enjoy your life.

The beauty of these sessions they are perfect for Everyone at every level of development, you leave feeling more relaxed, peaceful and inspired.

Cost: $175 for a 2hr session.