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Your Way Forward- Intuitive Mentoring

Why do I need a Mentor?

We often seek support and guidance when we're navigating a period of transition, a time of significant change, when doing it alone doesn’t feel right.

A mentor can be there for you during changes in relationships, career, and home. When intuitive and spiritual gifts emerge, new business opportunities arise and new pathways are on the horizon. A intuitive mentor can help reveal the underlying vibration and energy of everything in your life, sharing insights on how to move through it and how to grow from it

People who have experienced this program have benefited by-

Feeling more positive





More self aware

Trust inner knowing

feel lighter and free

Live life more Intuitively?

Smile more!

Your way Forward is a blend of tools and

Techniques that you can use to Transform and Empower your life.

Learn how to: ( every session will focus on you as an individual, what will benefit you at your level of awareness)

- Clear, balance and align your central channel

- listen and communicate with your body

- Release attachments, heal the child within. Let go of the past.

- let go of negatively charged stored emotion.

- Express through art, perfect way to explore your inner world.

- Enjoy an empowering journey filled with Guided imagery, Aromatherapy and ancient healing energy

to increase your Confidence to move forward and enjoy your life.

The beauty of these sessions they are perfect for Everyone at every level of development, you leave feeling more relaxed, peaceful and inspired.

I recommend a 4 hour session to begin with, this is a great way to learn how to release stored negatively charged e-motion, gain tools to relax and let go, explore the real you Intuitively, you will be sent a meditation to continue to work with, to expand and ignite your energy.

I can also offer you regular sessions, weekly, fortnightly or monthly mentoring, if you prefer, These sessions are a valuable way to set yourself free and explore your inner world at your pace. I have worked with healers, readers and beautiful souls, starting to awaken, the sessions will reflect your inner world, I would be honoured to hold space and assist you on your journey of remembering who you really are!

Its your choice, you may wish to start on 1hr weekly sessions or fortnightly or monthly, tailor your sessions to work for you!!!

for more information and bookings call lyn 0403027732

Cost: $333 -4 hour session  


Gift vouchers Available, Contact Lyn for details

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