The Creative Heart

Since 2007 our vision was to create a haven where people would always feel welcome and safe to be themselves. A space where people could learn, grown, develop and share their own wisdom and talents. A space of nurturing, non-judgement, support and love. Our aim was to create a sense of community and a place where people felt like they belonged.

Over the years we have enjoyed learning many different healing modalities such as crystal healing, seraphim healing, Ignite your spirit and Reiki.

We have expressed our creativity through drum making, candle making, aura-soma, spirit guide drawing, wax art, toning & silk painting.

We have welcomed amazing guest teachers such as Alana Fairchild, Lucy Cavendish, Lama Tendar, Patrick Zeigler, Lia Scallon, Lou Van Stone, Rachel Charman, Claire East, Joshua Shapiro, Rebecca Brown, Florence King, Raghida Shaman, Gaye Guthrie and Amanda Rousetty.

Our passion for meditation has connected us to our Angels, the Ascended Masters, Archangels, our past lives and most importantly a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

We have shared many cups of tea, thousands of heart felt hugs, words of encouragement, tears and laughter.

In early 2014 we moved from Greystanes to a beautiful, bright new premises in Seven Hills. In 2017 we branched out and started sharing and gathering from multiple locations.

Our intention is to continue to grow and evolve consciously, Inviting every person who feels drawn to the centre to add their uniqueness, so we all grow and live life more Intuitively and joyfully.

Thank you for being part of our adventure!

Lyn Burge & Paris Luongo

Lyn's wonderful gift is her ability to assist you in opening your heart to your soul's divine purpose and life direction. She uses a unique combination of spiritual modalities including meditation, channelled messages, personal development and past life regression sessions to empower and enrich your life.

Lyn is a natural therapy's practitioner, meditation teacher, liquid crystals practitioner, Reiki master, seichim master, energy healer, crystal healer, intuitive channel, past life regression hypnotherapist, seraphim healer, essence of angels practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and etheric healing practitioner.

Paris is a gentle heart based caring healer. She is passionate about working with women and sharing her hearts wisdom through simple truths, that one can easily understand. Paris strongly believes in the importance of you being empowered to take an active part in your own healing journey. Paris works multi-dimensionally and believes in the unlimited possibilities of the universe and the inter-connectedness of all things. She is a gifted meditation teacher, healer and intuitive channel.

Paris holds a Diploma of Integral Sound healing and Diploma in Holistic counseling. She is a certified Meditation teacher, Reiki Master & teacher, Seichim healing Master & teacher, Metatronia Therapy Master healer. Certified Crystal light healer, Certified Essence of Angels practitioner, Certified Aromatouch practitioner, Certified rainbow spirit healer and Etheric healing practitioner.