The Creative Heart

We appreciate and value your opinion. Please take a few moments to read some of our client testimonials and feel free to share your experience of The Creative Heart centre with us.

"Hey Paris,

I have felt a gradual shift toward a really beautiful place of peace and gratitude.

I taught (yoga) this morning and was covered in goosebumps for most of the class.

I had no expectations of what this level would bring, I just knew it was time.

I am so grateful for you and look forward to more of your guidance."

Fyona (Dec 2021) (Reiki Master attunement)

"If you have been thinking about or the universe has been bringing Reiki into your life, please undertake Paris’s training. I undertook her training both via distance (level 1 and 2) and in person (Master), both formats were absolutely incredible. Paris’s wisdom, knowledge, energy and soul are inspiring and calming to be around. The learning and attunements have brought amazing growth to my life and my kids. Paris has extensive knowledge about Reiki and also beyond Reiki which I could listen and learn from for years, such as sound healing, angels, akashic records and so much more. Meeting Paris and doing her trainings will be an experience I will cherish for many life times."

Jessie (Dec 2021)

"I have been learning with Paris since 2019 and couldn't ask for a kinder, gentler soul to learn from. So welcoming, nurturing and encouraging, Paris is always around to support and guide and shares her wealth of knowledge and experience so beautifully.

As I continue to grow and heal, I’m grateful to have taken this journey with Paris and The Creative Heart Centre."

Fiona V (Sept 2021)

“Paris Luongo has an amazing ability to transform you. After my Pineal Gland Activation, I was literally in tune with all around me and more instinctively aware of my surroundings and people to make change where needed and just flourish. It really is a game changer! I wish I could make the whole world get this activation, as we need it now more than ever.

If you need to get out of a rut, or you have been feeling suppressed, I highly recommend The Pineal Gland Activation with Paris, as she is the real deal”.

J Conga (Aug 2021)

"I ordered ‘Grounding Presence’, ‘Grace & Flow’, and ‘Higher Purpose’ sprays.

Delivery was speedy, and it was beautifully packaged— it felt like I was receiving a gift.

I’ve only used ‘Higher Purpose’ and I’m loving it.

The scent is delightful and fresh, plus I feel clearer, focused, and grounded.

I look forward to trying the other two!"

Jessie E, (Aug 2021)

“I have complete a couple of courses with Paris now and can’t recommend anyone more than her. Paris is extremely intuitive and has a wonderful energy. She provides support throughout the course and beyond. Paris helped me reach my full potential in my spiritual journey and guided me through the process. If you are thinking about doing some spiritual work or just need healing, you can’t go wrong with Paris Luongo. Highly recommended” 

Jarmila (August 2021)

Paris, you're truly a beautiful soul. I have used your service for all 3 Reiki levels this truly transformed my life. For this I am forever grateful. I then used your service for the pineal gland activation which took me to another level on my spiritual journey and I feel amazing. Your way of teaching and support along the way has been the key factor in my spiritual development. To have someone available to me should I have questions or concerns is invaluable. Thank you for everything you done for me. I absolutely and completely will recommend you to anyone interested in spiritual development.

Mary (July2021)

Paris is truly an amazing soul.

I recently completed the path to Reiki Mastery and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Her meditations are also fantastic they take me to a deep state giving me the ability to block my monkey mind and visualise what Needs to be visualised with clear focus. I would highly recommend Paris for your spiritual education needs as well as her meditation workshops. Thankyou Paris. I’m truly blessed to have found you xx

M Eskander (May 2021)

Paris's amazing Online Sound Meditation is something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. If they are like me they will become addicted! I live 500km away and i can still enjoy the amazing relaxation in the comfort of my own home. Paris takes you to the most amazing places her sessions. I feel a sense of calm for days afterwards and like i can take on the world!

Mariee (July 2020)

Hi Paris, the sound meditation on Friday night was a great way to relax- in fact I think I fell asleep or at least went off to another reality, but came back just before the end of the session. I must have been tired as I usually love to listen to all the beautiful tones.

Thank you Val. (July 2020)

When I first saw the Walking with Angels workshop I had no idea what to expect, just that I really wanted to do it. The session was so beautiful and empowering. By the end of the session I felt so connected with myself and my angels, I felt completely relaxed, like I was ready to heal the world. If you have ever been curious about Angels I would recommend giving it a go. I look forward to doing it again!

Leanne, (May 2020)

Reiki level 1 Distance attunement testimonial:

Good afternoon Paris I'm sharing because I care about you and grateful for meeting you .. I had a great sleep last night and I self healed while in bed moving my hands over my chakras which felt awesome I was grinning from ear to ear feeling the love and light flowing through my body and hands I saw such beautiful colours buzzing around me all the colours of the chakras and every colour of the colour wheel I was blissful and peaceful than my intuition told me self healing was done and complete than I instantly fell asleep.. I did dream a awesome dream yet I did not recall the dream upon waking up this morning I did feel positive and uplifted ready to see the world and at peace within myself I had a amazing experience 💚❤️💛🖤 I needed to share with you 😉😁 onwards upwards and beyond.

Adrian. (March 2020)

Thank you Paris for wonderful healer community gatherings. It has really helped me to connect back to that side of myself. A side that I often neglect. I always look forward to them, to meeting new people, learning new things and being healed.

Everyone is so relaxed and encouraging, especially if you are unsure of your own ability to heal.

Leanne Allen (Dec 2019)

Paris & Lyn thank you so much for the change you have helped me achieve. I am happy within myself and more alive than ever before. Things have definitely shifted!! Your open heart, intuition and finely tuned skills are a wonderful recipe for a positive outcome that you have grounded in me. The company we keep is so strong with a sensitivity that creates genuine amazing results. l highly recommend this unique and wonderful experience.

Fee (October 2018)

It was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done in my life!

I feel that I have evolved over the last 3 months, so much that my loved ones are commenting on how different and at peace I seem.

Paris is an amazingly inspirational human being who guided me with so much love and light. It has been a pleasure and a delight sharing this deeply spiritual and soulful journey with her.

The Path to Reiki Mastery has honestly changed my life and because it is an intensive course, your light stays bright and the passion alive.

Even if you are not interested in using Reiki professionally, it is a transformative experience of personal development and will change your life! Everyone should do this course and the world would be a different place.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

With all that I am, Thank you.

Mel (April 2018).

Paris was so lovely, patient and really nurturing towards the kids. She helped the kids feel their emotions and connect with the angels, fairies and connect through crystals, smells and different energies.

Lorrae Jan 2019 ( Kids Magical angel-spray workshop)

I've seen Paris and Lyn several times, and they are both wonderful in their own way! I've learnt Reiki from Paris, had a reading from Lyn, and had a Seichim healing from Paris too. All 3 were just fantastic. I've recently done the vibrational essences workshop with Paris - it was such a wonderful day to be surrounded by like-minded people, beautiful energy, incredible meditations and I learned so much! I highly recommend any of the workshops, healings or readings that these wonderful ladies offer.

Alice (May 2018)

“First time Reiki student, long time enthusiast”

Obviously it’s natural to be skeptical about anything you buy on the Internet. I’m one of those skeptics just recently dabbling in the world wide wed of ordering on line.

One area that has interested me for a while is the power of self-healing and what nature herself has given us as a clue to use for assisting this process. I decided to ask the universe to guide me to a place of healing, someone caring, gentle, honest and above all to guide me in the direction of self healing and to open my heart and mind to new ideas. “I began my search that I thought would be long and tedious, moments later I enrolled in the L1 Reiki Attunement, after speaking briefly with Paris”. The Class was full and I felt I had missed out, Paris rang me straight back after most likely hearing my disappointment and invited me to join her in the attunement. On this, I decided to invest in the program “Buy now” and started my Reiki journey. I am very glad I did so, the day was amazing and the folks I completed level one alongside with were inspiring. “Paris takes you on a journey like no other, it unlocked my mind and allowed me to flow into a meditative state that was beyond any other that I had ever experienced. I am enjoying daily practice of self-healing and I do feel it has shifted my energies. Thank you Paris for believing, your guidance is forever appreciated”. I will continue my journey and cannot wait to learn more!

Thank you. Fee. (March 2018)

Hi Paris,

I have felt *AMAZING* since Friday. It has truly been a real awakening for me to suddenly be thrust into this higher vibrational field. I honestly have felt on top of the world and I am so grateful and honoured that you shared your expertise with me and Deb.

The Reiki attunement was unlike anything I have experienced before. I was amazed that it was such an intense experience for me. I am going to book in to do the next one! I have been doing the self - healing each day as you suggested and I can really feel that my energy is lifted into a new realm. It’s simply astounding for me because I have been in a lot of pain for the past few months and the pain disappeared completely for 2 days after the attunement. I was so happy. I am hoping that with continued practice I can eradicate it completely.

Thank you again and you will definitely see me soon.

Peace, Unity, Love,

Kim. (August 2017)

Dear Lyn,

I want to thank you from my heart to yours for the beautiful Initiation into Seichim Healing today. Since we met, I felt a deep connection with you and divine wisdom. You are a very gifted healer and mentor to me. Words cannot express how you made a very sad day for me, into such a day of wonderful transformation. Your unconditional love and support has guided me to agreater self-awareness and trust in myself and my own abilities as a healer.

I am reassured and trust on my journey, that I am here for a higher purpose. Seichim has opened a world of love to me, and allowed me to transmute and transform fear from my life. I lovingly accept what is and step forward into the next phase of my life. Thank you, I am so grateful for everything you have brought me today.

Love and Blessings, Jo xx

"I have learnt so much and grown so much since I have been coming to The Creative Heart. I have attended meditations, workshops and personal development sessions and have met so many lovely, like minded people. A big thank you to Lyn and Paris for providing this space for everyone xx" Belinda NSW

Open day 2016

"Hi Lyn, I thoroughly enjoyed our Seichim Level 1 Attunement day. I felt very welcome and all the ladies were lovely and very open to the experience. The practice at the end was great and gave us a feel for what to expect. I have been practicing at home and even tried some distance healing. In myself I am feeling far more positive especially after I have done a healing as I am receiving one at the same time, so it's beneficial for both myself and the person I'm doing the healing for. I'm loving it and it's already becoming quite unique for me in the way I see the symbols so I find it quite amazing. Thank you again for facilitating the day and I'm really looking forward to doing Level 2/master with you and Paris. Blessings for a beautiful day." Belinda xxx

"I have been attending Lyn's meditation classes on a Weds night for over two years, but consistently for over a year. I make it a priority to attend every week for several reasons. If I've had a stressful day or week then afterwards I find its transformed me into a relaxed and happy person again. There are many benefits to Lyn's classes. During meditation we often journey to foreign lands and other time zones, we go to places where we can create wonderful experiences for ourselves. We often meet other wonderful beings, and always our energy is better after a session. As an added bonus we might read oracle cards for ourselves and others, or practice healing modalities within our group. There are no limits - just wonderful, positive experiences." RW

"I initially attended Paris' meditation class as a part of my self-care regime and have since discovered it to be an invaluable experience of self and spiritual discovery within a supportive, fun and friendly environment"

Rowan 2015

"Hi Lyn how are you!?

I just thought I would email you to update you on my weight loss progress! Since seeing you and starting the detox in September I have managed to lose around 10kgs!!! I am super proud of myself and so thankful to you for kick starting my thoughts in a positive way for me to realise I can actually achieve the goals I have always wanted! I am almost finished a second detox I decided to do about a month ago as I loved doing the first one so much! Without you I wouldn't have ever been able to tell myself I am strong enough to complete it and have the willpower I needed!

I still haven't met my goal weight but know it's not far away! I'm feeling great, just in time for summer and thank you again!!

One happy customer :) " Gemma.

"The more I learned about Reiki, the more powerful it was to use, it does work! Reiki is very effective; I use it every day and have been so pleased with the results. Each attunement increased my consciousness, and expanded my ability to heal myself and calm my loved ones (including my pets!). During each of the attunements, Paris gives you so many new tools to work with, whether you are a practitioner or if you just plan to practice at home. I feel so fortunate to have found The Creative Heart and begin my Reiki journey. Paris simply illuminates as she teaches you, she is such a generous teacher and truly awe-inspiring. I am so proud to be a certified Reiki Master and excited to see where my Reiki journey takes me. From v" (March 2014.)

"I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was overcome by such a lovely energy.

Your hard work to make such a fabulous day successful was noticed by many.

How wonderful to be able to share and spend time with like minded souls.

Please extend my gratitude to everyone involved. With love and blessings to all. Vivienne"