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                                                                           Energy Healing

                         1 hour session $111     1.5hours $144   

                                 Special 4 sessions of 1 hour $333

One-on-one sessions with Lyn

Lyn is a healer and channels both healing energy and information to bring greater clarity into the mind, body and spirit. Lyn is a clinical hypnotherapist and Past life regressionist taught by the late Delores Cannon. Lyn has been working with many people over the last twenty years and has seen amazing results.

During a healing session you will be assisted to

  • Clear and balance your energy centres
  • Heal and release past trauma, fear and unlock the learning within the experience
  • Know yourself from a higher perspective and Express your authentic soul self
  • Trust your own guidance and intuition
  • Release beliefs and attachments that don’t support your growth
  • Love yourself, let go and relax
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