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Energy Healing Sessions

via zoom or in person

Gift vouchers Available, Contact Lyn for details

 Energy Healing

We all have the ability to enhance our energy and vitality by spending time relaxing in nature, meditating and simply doing things you enjoy!

Our lives may at times become busy and overwhelming, this in turn can decrease your energy and vitality leaving you feeling tired, and even normal day to day priorities can become challenging this is the perfect time to take some time for you.

Your session will start by having a short consultation where you can share how you would like to feel at the end of your session.

Lyn will Intuitively work on creating a perfect relaxing session that nurtures your mind, body and spirit.

We use essential oils, sound & Energy to ensure you feel calm, relaxed and uplifted.

1 hour session $111       1.5 hours $144

Experience Greater Balance and Vitality

7 week Chakra Restoration Sessions

I look forward to assisting you to explore your inner world, we will work our way through your entire chakra system. You will receive 7 weeks of energetic self-mastery, messages, and support to increase your chakra awareness, that will enable your energetic system to process and use energy and enrich your vibration, your vitality and wellbeing

What you'll do:

•Explore, integrate and process energy

•Cultivate confidence maintaining your sacred system

•Learn simple tools to help unblock and balance your seven major chakras.

•Create a tool kit of practices that resonate with you personally

•Experience a deeper connection to self and your spirit

What you'll get:

•Seven one on one. I hour sessions via zoom with lyn

•Meditations to assist and support your growth

•Live life more intuitively

About Lyn, 20 years experience as an Intuitive Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Channel and Meditation facilitator

Lyn has taught meditation, Energy Healing and facilitated Intuitive healing, for over 20 years. My intention is to unlock and create positive powerful change to enhance your well being in all areas of your life


How Does It Work?

we create a schedule that works in with you.

you can do lessons, weekly or fortnightly.

you will receive 7 live zoom session

Get Started Now

Contact lyn 0403027732 for a chat to create positive change now!

Investing in You!

$777 for 7 weeks of growth, support and transformation

Special book and pay in oct, pay $666

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing is an ancient and powerful form of healing. Waves of love build and resonate through the body, releasing cords, emotional, mental and physical blockages, so your energy levels will rise and a deep feeling of inner peace and relaxation fills your being. 

Every session is tailored specifically for YOU, you may enjoy being guided on a peaceful journey, you may wish to add crystals, essences and aromatherapy to your session (all added with no extra fee)

Each session starts with a consultation so we can ensure you receive exactly what you are wanting from your healing session.

Our Clients report feeling lighter, more relaxed than they thought possible, calmer and more energised.

$100 1 hour session      1.5 Hours $130

One-on-one sessions with Lyn

Lyn is a healer and channels both healing energy and information to bring greater clarity into the mind, body and spirit. Lyn is a clinical hypnotherapist and Past life regressionist taught by the late Delores Cannon. Lyn has been working with many people over the last twenty years and has seen amazing results.

During a healing session you will be assisted to

  • Clear and balance your energy centres
  • Heal and release past trauma, fear and unlock the learning within the experience
  • Know yourself from a higher perspective and Express your authentic soul self
  • Trust your own guidance and intuition
  • Release beliefs and attachments that don’t support your growth
  • Love yourself, let go and relax



NEW When one hour just isn’t enough! $333 4 HOURS (SAVING $111)

Greystanes area

10 am start and 2pm finish, 4 hours of healing, channeling, re-framing beliefs, asking questions, guides, regression and finish with a relaxing healing, and hypnotherapy to enhance and integrate peace, harmony and self love.

At the end of the day you will feel more empowered, lighter and more aware of your gifts , talents and abilities.

Please bring a note pad, lunch and recording device –optional

Flower of Life Healing

Sacred Flower of life healing , is working with

universal frequency to recode and recalibrate your energy. I have always loved and resonated with sacred geometry, the bridge between physical and material worlds. I believe it creates a field of energy that allows us to reach into the interconnectedness of life on earth.

A vast field where all existence is accessible

To create powerful positive change

If you would like to work within this field contact Lyn 0403027732 text your details

Lyn xx

4 x 1hr sessions via zoom


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