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Clinical Hypnotherapy

I have been trained as a clinical hypnotherapist, I take time to listen to your concerns,  together we discuss the best way to create a session that will assist you to reach your goals. Every person is so very different so finding out what motivates you, drives you and what empowers you are the keys to a successful session,

I'm here to help you, and I want you to be successful 

I also create a recording for you to take home and work with for 30 days to ensure you have on going support!

1.5 hour session $175

What is Hypnosis?

Its like a very deep meditation that inspires your mind to let go of restrictive thoughts and encourage more positive thoughts

We connect with the powerful part of you that can download and change your behaviours

Its a very peaceful way to reclaim your peace

contact lyn for a zoom or in person session 0403027732





Gift vouchers Available








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