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Grainy Surface

Intuitive Development

3 x 1 hr sessions   $350
6 x 1hr sessions    $650
9 x 1hr  sessions   $900
available via zoom

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Intuitive development  is a great way to explore your inner world, strengthen your connection to spirit,  and learn how to clear, balance and light up your energy!

"we are stars wrapped in skin, the light you are seeking, has

always been within"  RUMI

Beginners Development

week 1

Explore your date of birth, this gives you a very good idea of what you will be experiencing, challenges that may arise, gifts, talents and abilities,, Learn to balance you chakras.

week 2

Explore a past life Regression

week 3

Channelled messages from your spirit guides, and an oracle card reading,

Self Awareness

week 1

Learn to clear your chakra system, and ignite your light

week 2

Remove blocks and resistance on your path

week 3

Create a channelled hypnotherapy script for you to move forward with on a path that inspires you!

Advanced soul Development

weeks 1 to 3 are  spent co creating,, unravelling, activating and exploring your energy, guided by spirit

I will supply meditations for you to work with, that are tailored for your unique beautiful soul, exercises, teachings and healing to support your journey into you!

love and light lyn xx


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