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Intuitive Development Sessions


4 x 1hr sessions just for you

Special $333  saving $111

What would you like to explore?

Gifts, talents and abilities?

Release and let go of resistance 

Use oracle cards to receive insights

What does your date of birth mean to you?

Past life memories

Intuitive insight and guidance?

Release Resistance to your natural flow?

Enjoy who you are and believe in yourself!

Every session is divinely guided for you to become the best version of you!

This is beautiful way to awaken more deeply to your inner world.

if you have an interest such as mediumship, channelling, healing I can help you expand your understanding and assist you to become more confident in working with your souls gifts.

You are powerful beyond measure, you have had many lives where you have experienced healing, philosophy, science, creativity, art, oracles, seers, and so on, don't compare your self to anyone else you are perfect just the way you are!

call lyn 0403027732 for a session

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