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The Art of Channelling

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Sandy Beach

60 Minutes - $150
3 x 1hr Session Bundle - $350 (saving $100)
6 x 1hr session bundle - $650
9 x 1hr session bundle - $900
All sessions available via zoom


The art of channelling is  communing directly with universal divine energy, and one of the greatest tools available for self-transformation. Communing with divine energy regularly will bring more love, awareness and compassion into your life.


Lyn's 20-year history as a channeler allows her to share with you a unique  opportunity to discover and access your higher wisdom and receive guidance from your soul, spirit, guides and your soul team.

A channelled message from source

"Lyn is a great and powerful soul who loves and lights up the world with her words, a light bearer of love"

Greater Awareness is available to you Now! 

Choose the perfect way for you to experience The Art of Channelling

Channelled Guidance 

Receive impactful higher vibrational wisdom, information, and guidance to ignite your belief and understanding of self. 

People have reported being amazed by the energy and information that lyn brings forth, the vibration is felt and understood by the heart, enabling positive changes to take place.

Developing your own clear channel

You will be guided  through an experiential process to assist the opening and developing your own channel to the infinite intelligence. You will have the ability to meet and connect with your Angels, Masters, higher self , all waiting to guide you and assist you on your magnificent journey.

Every one is unique and will be guided in a way that is perfect for your souls unfolding, this process may happen quiet quickly or take some time depending on your resistance to your natural alignment


Experience Channelled Healing Energy

Guided by your souls team, allow high vibrational energy, frequency, keys, codes and new potentials to be received and downloaded. Reducing fears, illusions and self doubt (lower vibrational fields ) and allowing the love that you are to shine!

all sessions available via zoom

Online Guided Meditation Just for you

Would you like to experience a channelled meditation that’s perfect for you?

You choose the pathway, it could be a healing, a chakra balance, igniting your inner light, freedom from fear are just a few examples Lyn then calls in your soul team, and together a field of energy is created for you. Then lyn will guide you into a deeply relaxed state, all you need to do is relax and allow universal loving energy, words and frequency to flow through you,

You are invited to record the session so you can use it whenever you feel guided. This is a powerful opportunity to work with your guides, angels and masters for your personal growth and overall wellbeing.

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