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Seichim Healing

Seichim is an ancient and sacred form of hands on healing and is said to be the Mother Energy of all hands on healing systems.

It originated in Egypt over 5000 years ago. Seichim is a beautiful way of accessing the energy of the Great Mother, and a path to deeper self-realisation/empowerment. It balances and realigns the yin-female aspect of our being on all levels - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
Seichim takes you back to the very core of your being, enfolding you in the nurturing and healing energy of the Goddess and assisting you in re-establishing your contact with your eternal sacred wisdom, which is the birthright of every woman, man and child.

Seicheim is not about power or dominance, it is about balance, harmony and unconditional love, as this is the only path to true enlightenment and spiritual unfolding. Seichim is a potent energy, and must be approached with respect and in a state of unconditional love. It cannot be entered into lightly, nor in an egotistical way. People must be prepared to put in time, patience and dedication if they wish to take this step, and must clearly understand that their lives will never be the same again once they have been initiated to Seichim energy.

Seichim is not for the faint hearted, but the journey is exquisite once you have taken the step.

There are no prerequisites for this course. For those with experience in energy healing, Seichim can be used to compliment Reiki healing and all other forms of energy work.

Seichim Healing facilitators:
Paris and Lyn are both certified Seichim Masters and teachers. They have had the pleasure or working directly with Seichim founder Patrick Zeigler and through him were initiated into the Seichim and All Love energies.

Seichim Healing Level One Attunement

Seichim means “Powers of Powers”.  It is said to be The mother of all healing modalities, It is a deep and rich living light energy. 

If you choose to attune your energy to Seichim you are entering into a field of sacred sisters , the mightiest of divine feminine  healers such as  Isis, Magdalene, The 7 sisters of the Pleiades,  Mary, Lady Nada,  Aurora, Kuan Yin, Bridgette, Aphrodite Anna,  & Lady Venus.

During your Attunement they will gather and surround you, showering you with stars of unconditional love, universal wisdom and a Divine connection that will empower your soul, clear your mind and revitalise and harmonise you body and spirit.


When you work with Seichim transformation energy you are working with ancient and powerful healing symbols and elements

Fire  Transformation Healing

Water – deep emotional healing

Air – Spiritual and connection to the angelic realm

Earth – assist in grounding and anchoring energy

You will experience:

- A powerful and ancient attunement to Seichim energy  

-  A comprehensive manual-  Meditation to connect with the sacred sisters in the stars

- Practice time and instruction on the use of the energy as a healing modality

- Explanation of seichim healing symbols and how they can assist your personal growth

- Certificate

Seichim Healing Mastery level Attunement

This Initiation calls to your soul to once again merge and guide you to step deeper into your own unique and authentic WISE, LOVING AND POWERFUL SELF.

For you to be guided to this powerful initiation you ARE READY, to take your place alongside the master initates, master teachers and healers who have walked the path of alchemical healing and self-exploration. Those who assist and oversee life on the planet and its evolution.

All is one, one is all.

You will find that the first level of Seichim is to awaken the heart and allow spirit to once again reside within, and clear your central channel of fearful and controlling beliefs that restricted your energy and potential on the planet.

The Master Initiation:

- Soul Merge. Your body is prepared for the soul body to merge with the physical body in a foundation of unconditional love.

- Master Imitation Attunement, guided by spirit.

- Experience new Master symbols and practice working with them on others.

- Enhances your Inner vision to open and explore your multidimensional self.

- Clear the channel so you can respond to spirit effortlessly.

- Experience an unconditional loving space, raising your vibration so you can explore your potential, doubt free.

- To feel beyond the surface and discover the truth that lies within.

- Assist you to live your life more intuitively.

- Comprehensive manual, including attunement steps allowing you the gift of being able to pass these powerful initiations onto others.

- Certificate of Master level completion.

This is the path of the true healer to heal oneself and share the knowledge gained via experience, for this is wisdom filled with light and learning.

Affirmation to assist your soul merge

I am that which makes my soul Rejoice


Level One Attunement:
Tuesday 16th October, 10am till 2.30pm. At Rouse Hill with Paris.

Friday 16th November, 10am till 2.30pm. At Rouse Hill with Paris.

Level Two / Master Attunement:

Friday 2nd November, 10am till 2.30pm. At Rouse Hill with Paris.
Tuesday 27th November, 10am till 2.30pm. At Rouse Hill with Paris.

One on one training is perfect for people who are looking to understand more about their own gifts, talents and abilities as a healer. We can schedule a time that suits you, these sessions cost the same as the group session but we  cover the information in a shorter period of time(3.5hrs), you will receive both manual and certificate on completion. 
 call Lyn to book your one on one session 0403027732  Seven Hills and Greystanes area
Special: Pay for both Levels 1 & 2 upfront and pay only $555 (Save $70)
Seichim Level One Attunement- $250
Seichim Level Two / Master Attunement- $375
To Resit a level (Without receiving another manual or certificate). Subject to facilitators Approval and Numbers- $100
"Hi Lyn, I thoroughly enjoyed our Seichim Level 1 Attunement day. I felt very welcome and all the ladies were lovely and very open to the experience. The practice at the end was great and gave us a feel for what to expect. I have been practicing at home and even tried some distance healing. In myself I am feeling far more positive especially after I have done a healing as I am receiving one at the same time, so it's beneficial for both myself and the person I'm doing the healing for. I'm loving it and it's already becoming quite unique for me in the way I see the symbols so I find it quite amazing. Thank you again for facilitating the day and I'm really looking forward to doing Level 2/master with you and Paris. Blessings for a beautiful day." Belinda xxx