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lyn Burge, 
Multidimensional Energy Therapist,
Channelled Readings and 
Meditation Classes

 @ The Creative Heart Centre


Visit Lyn at the Sydney Mind, Body, Spirit Festival

7th to 10th March 2024 stall G15

Grainy Surface
Grainy Surface

"Hi Lyn 

I just thought I would email you to update you on my weight loss progress! Since seeing you and starting the detox in September I have managed to lose around 10kgs!!! I am super proud of myself and so thankful to you for kick starting my thoughts in a positive way for me to realise I can actually achieve the goals I have always wanted! I am almost finished a second detox I decided to do about a month ago as I loved doing the first one so much! Without you I wouldn't have ever been able to tell myself I am strong enough to complete it and have the willpower I needed!

I still haven't met my goal weight but know it's not far away! I'm feeling great, just in time for summer and thank you again!!

One happy customer :) " Gemma NSW

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