The Creative Heart


ARE YOU LOOKING FOR ....................

        A centre that encourages, supports and assist your Intuitive development, that has amazing, compassionate and caring teachers that are well informed and truly passionate about your health and well being.

          If you wish to explore, healing, hypnotherapy, guided meditation, bush flower essences, intuitive readings, Seichim Healing,

Reiki crystals, Angels,   Mediumship, Reconnective Healing,  Personal development, Massage,  Past life regression & more……

       Wanting to feel more relaxed, confident and balanced.

    Moving beyond your limitations and experience your potential.

Or are you ready to embrace your higher consciousness and explore your gifts and talents.

The Creative heart centre is all about offering many pathways for you to grow and explore, to find what makes you smile, relax and let go of worries and stress. We have so many outstanding people that share their gifts and talents so you may see beyond the ordinary and become extraordinary!

Just allow your heart to guide you to what excites you. The creative heart is indeed a multidimensional community of like-minded souls, for the beginner to the advanced.

Testimonial- I have learnt so much and grown so much since I have been coming to The Creative Heart. I have attended meditations, workshops and personal development sessions and have met so many lovely, like minded people. A big thank you to Lyn and Paris for providing this space for everyone xx Belinda NSW
Thank you for visiting our page. Our centre is always growing and evolving and offering amazing new opportunity to explore and experience.
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